Counseling Resources

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cloverdale Middle School Counseling Program is to promote the development of human potential and assist individuals in developing confidence and gaining a sense of responsibility for their own decisions and self-direction; assist students and teachers in having a satisfying, successful school experience; provide guidance in the areas of academic, career, and citizenship development; counsel students in overcoming challenges that interfere with learning; advocate for an environment that supports high achievement for all students.  Services will be provided in a manner that recognizes the dignity and worth of all individuals in the school community.


  • What is told by a student to the school counselor will remain confidential unless:
  • Someone is hurting the student
  • The student is of harm to self or another
  • We are subpoenaed to court
  • We are given permission to share the information

How May A Student See The Counselor?

Students may be referred to the counselor by any of the following:
  • Self
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Administrator
  • Friend
  • Outside Agency
Feel free to contact the Guidance Department any time you have a question or concern.