CCSC Wellness Program

CCSC Employee Wellness Program

The 2010 – 2011 CCSC Wellness Program, through its partnership with WVWCI School Trust, will include annual health screenings, incorporates targeted health interventions, and monthly educational activities. Program participants have the opportunity to earn Healthy Reward points for participating in health screenings and monthly activities. At the end of every month, there will be a Healthy Rewards drawing. The drawing will include entries from all participants who have earned Healthy Rewards in the entire WVWCI School Trust. One Healthy Award = One Entry in the drawing. 
Monthly Healthy Rewards:
-10 participants will receive $50
-1 participant will receive $500
*All CCSC staff is invited to participate in the program and are eligible for the monthly incentive drawings.

May 2011 Itinerary
This month in order to be eligible for the Healthy Rewards you must complete any/all of the following activities: 
Activity Healthy Rewards
Slim Down Challenge 4 pts.
Health and Fitness Day 1 pt.
AudioHealth Library 2 pts.
Soft Drink Challenge 3 pts.
Slim Down: Welcome to the Wabash Valley West Central Indiana School Trust Slim-Down Challenge – a 5-week health action campaign that promotes weight loss through healthy nutrition and exercise.
WHEN? The program will run from May 1 -31, 2011.
HOW? You will receive useful tips each week to help you reach your weight loss, exercise, or nutrition goals. You will also receive a My Weight Loss Graph, in which you will log your weight loss weekly. Use the same scale each week, whether it is a scale in the nurse office at your school or a home scale. Remember to take off your shoes each week when weighing-in!

 Health and Fitness Day: The National Employee Health and Fitness Day is the third Wednesday of May each year.
This year, get active! Include at least 30 minutes of exercise with a co-worker on May 18, 2011. Complete this activity and earn 1 Healthy Reward Point.

 Anthem-AudioHealth Library: Listen to two topics of your choice. Refer to the AudioHealth Library document for a complete list of available topics.
1.      Dial 888-279-5449 and follow the directions. 
2.      When asked,” if you know of extension of person to reach,” say “no.”
3.      When prompted, select “nurse line” or press 1.
4.      When prompted, press 2 to listen to recorded health topics.
5.      When prompted, enter 1909 to listen to the tape about “High Blood Pressure.” 
6.      If you would like to repeat the message or request another selection, press any tape number during  
         or after a message. 
7.      If you would like to speak with a nurse, press 0 at any time.

Soft Drink Challenge: Soft drinks and drinks with sweetener contain a lot of unnecessary sugar. This month I encourage all of you to replace 7 soft drinks (or sweetened drinks) every week this month (1 per day). By giving up just one, 150-calorie soft drink per day, you can drop 15 pounds in one year. Please take a look at the soft drink nutrition table. Complete this challenge and you will earn 3 healthy reward points. 


CMS Fitness Center

I would like to remind all staff that the CMS Fitness Center is now open before and after school. Any staff member needing swipe card access to use the CMS Fitness Center should make arrangements ahead of time through an e-mail to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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