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Office Staff
Cloverdale MS
Last updated: 11/07/2016
Christian Frye's Profile
Administrative Assistant
I love being a Clover!!!
Cloverdale MS
Last updated: 03/16/2011
Kathleen Glaser's Profile
Guidance Counselor
My name is Kathleen Glaser. I am the Counselor and Administrator at Cloverdale Middle School. I received my undergraduate degree from San Diego State University and my Masters in Counseling from Indiana University.
Mary Miller
Cloverdale MS
Guidance Secretary
Lea Ann Phillips
Cloverdale MS
K-8 Treasurer
Renee Stoltz
Cloverdale MS
Athletic Secretary
Dawn Tucker
Cloverdale MS
Julie Williamson
Cloverdale MS

Staff Directory
Kim Bailey
Cloverdale MS
6th Grade
Billy Boyette
Cloverdale MS
Food Services Manager
Cloverdale MS
Last updated: 07/19/2012
Janelle Cole's Profile
Hello! I'm Mrs. Janelle Cole. I teach Visual Art grades 5 - 8, and Academy of Math & Reading grades 7 & 8. I have earned a Bachelor's degree from Indiana State University, and a Master's degree from Ball State University. My hobbies include creating Art of all kinds, reading, golf, movies, plays, and traveling. My husband and I have raised a son and a daughter, so I understand what you are experiencing as a parent. Hang in there - we are in this together!
Cloverdale MS
Last updated: 11/07/2012
Jessica Fidler's Profile
5th Grade
My name is Jessica Fidler and I am a 5th grade teacher at Cloverdale Middle School. Please feel free to call or email me whenever needed. Make sure to check out my class website for updated information about our class. Thank you!
Julie Gellert
Cloverdale MS
8th Grade Math
Lori Halloran
Cloverdale MS
6th Grade
Sam Jones
Cloverdale MS
7th Grade Social Studies
Susan Jordan
Cloverdale MS
Tammy Kemp
Cloverdale MS
5th Grade
Hannah Lafever
Cloverdale MS
Tori Maldonado
Cloverdale MS
7th Grade Math
Jennifer Mann
Cloverdale MS
Special Education
Jared Metzger
Cloverdale MS
Last updated: 06/07/2017
Jared Metzger's Profile
Cloverdale MS
Last updated: 08/24/2012
Kathy Moore's Profile
Physical Education
My name is Kathy Moore. I am a health and physical education teacher in grades 5 through 8. I also coach varsity volleyball at CHS and boys track at CMS. I serve on the health advisory committee as the AIDS chairperson. I have a masters degree in Health Education from IU. My favorite color is green...GO CLOVERS!
Cloverdale MS
Last updated: 06/07/2017
Katie Mosley's Profile
7th Grade Language Arts
My name is Mrs. Mosley and I teach 7th grade Language Arts. This year marks my 15th year teaching at CMS. I graduated from Cloverdale in 1997 and my husband and I, along with our 4 wonderful children, reside in Cloverdale. I absolutely love teaching and take pride in what I do.
Jonna Rady
Cloverdale MS
Tim Savini
Cloverdale MS
8th Grade Social Studies
Megan Schroeder
Cloverdale MS
Special Education
Donald Sheldon
Cloverdale MS
Cloverdale MS
Last updated: 08/02/2011
Cathy Smith's Profile
6th Grade
The future starts today!
Cloverdale MS
Last updated: 08/01/2016
Susan Smith's Profile
5th Grade
Hello. My name is Mrs. Susan Smith. I was involved in education for over 20 years before I was able to go to college to get my degree. I graduated from Indiana University-Kokomo in May 2006, with a BS in Elementary Education, K-6 license. I have been teaching here at Cloverdale Schools for 9 years, 7 of which are here at CMS as a 5th grade teacher. My husband and I have been married 37+ years. I'm a mother of a son and step-son, have 2 daughters-in-law, and 3 Grandchildren (23-year old grandson, 20-year old granddaughter, and a 5-month old grandson). I believe that YOUR child's education is a team effort between you and me, AND the staff here at Cloverdale Middle School. I welcome communications to keep us actively involved together to help your child become successful in today's world.
Mary Ann Walker
Cloverdale MS
Media Assistant
Cloverdale MS
7th Grade Science
Hi! My name is Dave Walton. I teach 8th Grade Science and serve as the Assistant Corporation Athletic Director. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Indiana State University and completed my Master's Degree in Education from Indiana Wesleyan University. I also Completed my Educational Principalship through Indiana Wesleyan University. I enjoy spending time with my family,traveling,and surrounding myself with positive, fun loving people. My favorite words of encouragement to others is 'Never look down on anyone unless it is to help them up'.
Beth Wernz
Cloverdale MS
8th Grade Science
Mark Wheeler
Cloverdale MS
8th Grade Language Arts